Calliope Click Vol. 1

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Today marks the release of a rap album entitled The Calliope Click Volume 1. At first glance, it’s a pretty typical effort: familiar themes and images and plenty of guest appearances including big names like Snoop, Juvenile and B.G. But there are a few things that set it apart. For one, the artist, C-Murder, is… Read More

The Memphis Flyer and Three 6 Mafia

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Memphis, Tennessee invariably comes up in discussions of the most ticklish cities. The allure of the locale is a central theme in the music of many prominent artists, from Paul Simon to “DJ Paul” Beauregard. Beauregard explains the attitude and activities of Memphians in his song Da Summa: “See in Memphis, them thugs be kind… Read More

Brothers Johnson – Ticklishly Smooth Funk Sounds

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Music has the power to bring diverse groups of people together, it can soothe us in times of stress and pump us up when we need motivation. But can it tickle? Yes, argues Michael Fenchel of the University of Michigan. In an interview with the Tickle City Award Committee earlier today, Fenchel described his relationship… Read More

Iowa Irish Fest – Better Than Lollapalooza?

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Any reports of a ticklish musical extravaganza taking place this weekend would surely have to be referring to Lollapalooza, featuring Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Kanye West and a multitude of other bands across eight stages and three days in Grant Park, Chicago. Not necessarily. Those looking to get their musical taste buds tickled for… Read More

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