Art Project Hopes to Take Despair Out of Receiving a Parking Ticket

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Returning to your car and seeing a parking ticket is typically a very upsetting experience. You might curse your rushed decision not to carefully read the meter. Or bemoan the impact the fine will have on your spending plans. Some might even plan a court protest against the mean-spirited officer who ruined their day. But… Read More

Community Designed Toys Put Power In the Hands of Artists

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The Aarting Collection is a project with a big ambition: to democratize the tools of art production, distribution and consumption. And how exactly will they accomplish this? With a cute little toy named “Blankie,” of course! The project, founded by the soon-to-be husband and wife team of artist Todd Wahnish and producer Melissa Carroll, makes… Read More

Creative Artist Doodles, Blogs and Even Eyes Career

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Many people start blogs to chronicle their day-to-day life, practice writing skills or simply rant about celebrities or politicians who grind their gears. For some, however, the benefits of blogging can be more significant. For TJ Lubrano, from the Netherlands, blogging has provided the confidence to pursue a career doing what she loves. What’s that,… Read More

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