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Accessories Turn iPad into a Fireplace

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Since it is about halfway between a laptop computer and a smartphone, some consumers aren’t quite sure what benefits an iPad will bring them, especially when it runs at around $500.

These people are clearly not aware of the tablet’s most impressive new feature: the ability to turn into a fireplace and provide a comfortable gathering spot for friends and family or even set the mood for a romantic evening for two.

The new i-Log iPad stand is crafted from carefully chosen re-claimed London wood, and is also a charging station. Couple it with the FirePlace app, which brings the “warm glow and crackle of a roaring fire” to your device, and you’re set, whether you need an ambiance for swapping scary stories or cozying up with your date.

Perhaps you could even roast digital marshmallows or pieces of meat.

Unfortunately, these products have not completely replicated the fireplace experience as they don’t produce any realistic iSoot for you to clean up. This feature will hopefully be available in upcoming editions, and it is also rumored that the fire will soon be able to spread and delete your other iPad apps if left unattended.

i-Log and Fireplace app for iPad, you are tickle city!

Art Project Hopes to Take Despair Out of Receiving a Parking Ticket

Categories: Art,Blogs/Websites      3 Comments

Returning to your car and seeing a parking ticket is typically a very upsetting experience. You might curse your rushed decision not to carefully read the meter. Or bemoan the impact the fine will have on your spending plans. Some might even plan a court protest against the mean-spirited officer who ruined their day. But… Read More

The Cruise Room Martini Bar: A Step into the Past

Categories: Denver      Comments Off on The Cruise Room Martini Bar: A Step into the Past

On 17th and Wazee in the Lower Downtown District of Denver, you can literally get a drink of history. The Cruise Room Martini Bar at the renowned Oxford Hotel, boasts a modern intimate feel with an old-world style and grace that cannot be matched. When you step into the Cruise Room, you have truly stepped… Read More

Google Puzzle Revolutionizes Trivia As We Know It

Categories: Blogs/Websites,Technology      3 Comments

Picture yourself in the middle of a game of trivia, facing a question that doesn’t ring a bell. You rack your brain for some sort of clue, anything, but remain stumped. What do some of these words even mean? But instead of admitting defeat, you quickly devise a plan. With your smartphone hidden in the… Read More

Lady Gaga Eyes Genre Shift to Mariachi Music

Categories: Music      Comments Off on Lady Gaga Eyes Genre Shift to Mariachi Music

She exploded onto the scene in 2008 with two hugely popular singles. Since then she’s collected five Grammys, two Guinness World Records and was named Billboard’s Artist of the Year in 2010 as well as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. But is Lady Gaga planning a radical… Read More

Penn Street Perk Coffee Shop

Categories: Denver      Comments Off on Penn Street Perk Coffee Shop

The Penn Street Perk on 13th and Pearl is one of the best coffee shops in Denver. But it’s not some enormous hotspot, nor does it offer a menu with nearly endless variety. And it doesn’t boast a staff of hundreds of coffee-addicted employees. Penn Street Perk is none of these three things, but it… Read More

Excitement Reaches Fever Pitch As New Kindle Revealed to Have Ads

Categories: Books,Technology      Comments Off on Excitement Reaches Fever Pitch As New Kindle Revealed to Have Ads

The Kindle, Amazon’s portable ebook reader, already boasts an impressive list of features. It has built-in Wi-Fi, speedy wireless delivery of reading materials and a revolutionary e-ink technology that allows for clearer text and glare-free reading in direct sunlight. But it always felt as though something were missing; something that’s been crucial to the success… Read More

SXSW Austin 2011: Flying Blind at the Belmont

Categories: Austin-TX,Music      Comments Off on SXSW Austin 2011: Flying Blind at the Belmont

This is a guest article by a Tickle City Austin contributor: Having never attended Austin’s famed SXSW before, I felt like I was embarking on a musical pilgrimage of sorts. A long-standing tradition of sinking into Austin’s relaxed, downtown atmosphere with an endless soundtrack of live music. In all honesty, I had high expectations for… Read More

Documentary Film Tackles Belief in the Paranormal

Categories: TV/Film      4 Comments

What would you do if the pizza delivery guy told you that the total on your bill had an occult significance, and then went on to explain to you that UFOs and alien abductions are real? Would you make fun of him? Aggressively denounce his silly beliefs? Or take him on an epic journey across… Read More

Technology Makes Finding New Music A Breeze

Categories: Music,Technology      4 Comments

In the digital age, getting perfect music recommendations has become easier than ever. Gone are the days when you had to strain yourself to flip on the radio or take the time to meet with a few friends to discuss new artists. Instead, the process today is as easy as the following: sign up for… Read More

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