Lady Gaga Eyes Genre Shift to Mariachi Music

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She exploded onto the scene in 2008 with two hugely popular singles. Since then she’s collected five Grammys, two Guinness World Records and was named Billboard’s Artist of the Year in 2010 as well as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. But is Lady Gaga planning a radical… Read More

SXSW Austin 2011: Flying Blind at the Belmont

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This is a guest article by a Tickle City Austin contributor: Having never attended Austin’s famed SXSW before, I felt like I was embarking on a musical pilgrimage of sorts. A long-standing tradition of sinking into Austin’s relaxed, downtown atmosphere with an endless soundtrack of live music. In all honesty, I had high expectations for… Read More

Technology Makes Finding New Music A Breeze

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In the digital age, getting perfect music recommendations has become easier than ever. Gone are the days when you had to strain yourself to flip on the radio or take the time to meet with a few friends to discuss new artists. Instead, the process today is as easy as the following: sign up for… Read More

Swagger Wagon – Can Rap Music Make Minivans Hip?

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The minivan usually conjures up thoughts of traditional suburban moms driving their kids to soccer practice. That dull image has recently been given a jolt of hip hop excitement. Toyota has been running a very unique marketing campaign in which they present their latest minivan, the Sienna SE, as “The Swagger Wagon” and feature a… Read More

Brian May: From Rockin’ Guitarist to Astrophysicist

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While rock stars like Ozzie Osbourne and Brett Michaels drift into the twilights of their careers with reality TV shows, Brian May (right), former lead guitarist of Queen, has attempted to become a productive member of society. And, much to the surprise of rockstarologists, he has succeeded. In 2007, May completed his dissertation on interplanetary… Read More

Bone Thugs + Fleetwood Mac?

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Hip-hop group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s reunion album Strength & Loyalty featured a lot of big names: Akon, The Game, Mariah Carey, Twista and more. Fans might not immediately realize that the most ticklish song of them all features rock legends Fleetwood Mac. The track Wind Blow samples “The Chain,” one of Fleetwood Mac’s best, and it’s… Read More

Akon Gives Old Hit “Strawberry Letter 22″ Fresh Sound

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Back in 2008, the Tickle City Award Committee posted about an extremely ticklish funk song by the Brothers Johnson called Strawberry Letter 22. The post must have made an impression on the music industry, because Strawberry Letter 22 has just been given a hot R&B remix featuring Akon. It’s certainly a different interpretation than the… Read More

Drink Recipes: How to Get them Through Rap Lyrics

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In today’s digital age we have a wealth of online sources to help us when we’re looking for a cocktail recipe. Sites like, and are enormous databases where you can search by name, category or ingredient and enjoy a lot of user-friendly features. These sites, however, take the attention away from a… Read More

Rappers Locked Up, Part 2 – Mystikal

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In Part 1, we reported on several jailed or jail-bound rappers including Lil’ Wayne, Gucci Mane and T.I. Today, however, we’ll focus on one particular rapper that got out just two weeks ago after serving six years and has vowed to “shake up the world:” Mystikal. A bright talent back in the 90s, Mystikal (right)… Read More

Rappers Locked Up, Part 1

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It’s never ticklish when rappers get locked up. Today, the most popular examples are T.I (right) and Lil’ Wayne, the former arrested in a sting operation hours before the 2008 BET Awards for an illegal purchase of three machine guns; the latter busted for criminal possession of a weapon. But they have plenty of legal… Read More

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