KFC Yum! Center Takes Stadium Naming-Rights Deals to Ridiculous New Heights

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The recently opened KFC Yum! Center in downtown Louisville, Kentucky sounds like an excellent place to grab some fried chicken, maybe even a Doublicious sandwich with its Hawaiian bread bun if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. The name conjures up images of some sort of fast-food fantasy paradise. Oh, never mind, it’s the University of Louisville’s… Read More

Top 5 Tickle City World Cup Moments

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The FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa has come to an end. Which moments were especially tickle city? 5. Notorious Dutch kickboxer Nigel de Jong pretends to be a soccer player and sneaks onto the field during the World Cup final, proceeding to crush the ribcage of Spain’s Xabi Alonso with a brutal kick…. Read More

Lebron’s Decision and the State of Cable TV

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A Sports Illustrated article reports that “The Decision,” Lebron’s ESPN prime-time special, was the third most watched cable program of the year with nearly 10 million viewers. After the program kicked off with a segment designed to prove the point that Lebron (right) is a skilled NBA player, sportscaster Jim Gray followed up by asking… Read More

Donora, PA Earns Ticklish Recognition

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Once full of promise, Donora, PA (below), a small Pennsylvania town about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh, has seen a steady decline in its industries over the decades. Why, then, is it tickle city? Benj Wagman, a distinguished Tickle City Award contributor who earlier covered mexican food, reports from the field: DONORA, PENNSYLVANIA – A… Read More

Update: To SA and Beyond – Stephenson and Co. Take South Africa by Storm

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Last fall, Middleton, WI native Andrew Stephenson won the Tickle City Award for an epic trip planned with two of his friends. The three would be in South Africa for the World Cup and make a jaunt through Europe afterward. The trip is now in full swing and has been all they could have imagined… Read More

World Cup Fan Mania

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After 47 months of “slow news days” the 2010 FIFA World Cup has arrived. As the lucky member of the Tickle City Award Committee chosen to attend on its behalf, I was fortunate enough to experience the mania first-hand, and there is little else like it. Some sports have crazy athletes such as boxing or… Read More

Well Played, Mauer Commercial Launches New Catchphrase

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MLB ’10: The Show is one video game with a very ticklish ad campaign. In the commercial, 2009 AL MVP Joe Mauer calls up Kevin Butler, a Sony fictional character and the VP of the PS3 Softball Team, in order to congratulate him on the baseball game, which he describes as “just like the real… Read More

Nick Merklin and the Kragujevac Wild Boars

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For top NCAA Division III college athletes, a professional gig in Europe after graduation can provide a great way to keep playing the sport they love while experiencing a completely new culture. Every year, football, basketball and baseball players find opportunities in many different countries where professional leagues are rising in popularity. But also every… Read More

Ethan Albright Makes Madden Headlines

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Offensive linemen in the NFL rarely make much of an impact in the pop culture world, especially in today’s climate where certain quarterbacks, receivers and cornerbacks/return specialists seem to never fail to create ridiculous storylines. Ethan Albright, a center and long snapper for the Washington Redskins, however, has generated some buzz. And it’s for a… Read More

Softball Web Gem

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We typically think of summertime as lazy softball season, with the players out on the diamond mostly to chat and mess around, more concerned with the beverages than the outcome of the game. No one’s concerned with where the force is or whether the batter is a spray hitter. If the pitcher is giving up… Read More

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