Excitement Reaches Fever Pitch As New Kindle Revealed to Have Ads

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The Kindle, Amazon’s portable ebook reader, already boasts an impressive list of features. It has built-in Wi-Fi, speedy wireless delivery of reading materials and a revolutionary e-ink technology that allows for clearer text and glare-free reading in direct sunlight. But it always felt as though something were missing; something that’s been crucial to the success… Read More

New Toy to Create Future Generation of Librarians?

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The future of libraries as we know them is up in the air in our increasingly digital world, and in many settings their identity is shifting from a physical collection of books to a virtual portal housing high-tech media. Thanks to a new library kit toy, however, pretend libraries are looking stronger than ever. Little… Read More

e-Books: Wacky Ways to Make the Reading Experience Richer

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With the proliferation of eBooks and mobile reading devices, the act of sitting down and burying ourselves in a good book will never be quite the same again. But are we are being too serious when we weigh their pros and cons? eBook readers are growing in popularity and in most cases, you are able… Read More

Brian May: From Rockin’ Guitarist to Astrophysicist

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While rock stars like Ozzie Osbourne and Brett Michaels drift into the twilights of their careers with reality TV shows, Brian May (right), former lead guitarist of Queen, has attempted to become a productive member of society. And, much to the surprise of rockstarologists, he has succeeded. In 2007, May completed his dissertation on interplanetary… Read More

Foreign Languages: Humor, Blunders, Frustrations

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Learning another language can open up valuable opportunities in both our personal and professional lives, since we are more globally interconnected than ever before. Why, then, do foreign language textbooks make it so damn hard? If you’ve ever taken a foreign language in school, you surely remember the inane dialogues and ridiculous sentences in some… Read More

Does the Internet Make Us Smarter? (Part 2)

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In his “pop culture makes you smarter” book Everything Bad Is Good For You, author Steven Johnson makes very compelling points about the benefits of TV, movies and video games. But does he convince us that the internet is also beneficial to our brains? You might think that Johnson has never viewed a youtube video… Read More

Does Pop Culture Make Us Smarter? (Part 1)

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Author Steven Johnson certainly has a fun take on pop culture: he argues that it’s making us smarter! But before you burn your Hemingway, buy the complete first season of the CW hit series The Vampire Diaries and expect your IQ to skyrocket, you should understand where he’s coming from. His book Everything Bad is… Read More

World’s Wackiest Spanish Joke Book

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You know you’re in good shape when a book promising a healthy dose of Spanish language puns features a picture of a Mexican donkey dressed in a black suit identifying himself as a “Federal Burro of Investigation” on the cover. The World’s Wackiest Spanish Joke Book is a recent work by foreign language teacher Sue… Read More

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