Accessories Turn iPad into a Fireplace

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Since it is about halfway between a laptop computer and a smartphone, some consumers aren’t quite sure what benefits an iPad will bring them, especially when it runs at around $500. These people are clearly not aware of the tablet’s most impressive new feature: the ability to turn into a fireplace and provide a comfortable… Read More

Google Puzzle Revolutionizes Trivia As We Know It

Categories: Blogs/Websites,Technology      3 Comments

Picture yourself in the middle of a game of trivia, facing a question that doesn’t ring a bell. You rack your brain for some sort of clue, anything, but remain stumped. What do some of these words even mean? But instead of admitting defeat, you quickly devise a plan. With your smartphone hidden in the… Read More

Excitement Reaches Fever Pitch As New Kindle Revealed to Have Ads

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The Kindle, Amazon’s portable ebook reader, already boasts an impressive list of features. It has built-in Wi-Fi, speedy wireless delivery of reading materials and a revolutionary e-ink technology that allows for clearer text and glare-free reading in direct sunlight. But it always felt as though something were missing; something that’s been crucial to the success… Read More

Technology Makes Finding New Music A Breeze

Categories: Music,Technology      4 Comments

In the digital age, getting perfect music recommendations has become easier than ever. Gone are the days when you had to strain yourself to flip on the radio or take the time to meet with a few friends to discuss new artists. Instead, the process today is as easy as the following: sign up for… Read More

Amazon Grocery Products Attract Hilarious Reviews

Categories: Cuisine,Technology      7 Comments

Although there’s not yet a way to get them delivered directly to your stomach via Amazon Whispernet, you can buy a staggering amount of grocery and gourmet food items from online retailer, ranging from steaks and foie gras to 5 pounds of gummy bears and a “Big Grab” Frito Lay chip sampler. And you… Read More

Prestigious KFC Scholars Turn to Social Media

Categories: Business,Cuisine,Technology      5 Comments

Yum! Brands and its subsidiaries are continuing their domination of recent Tickle City Award headlines. After covering their brand new KFC Yum! Center basketball arena, the Tickle City Award Committee has now been notified about a ticklish contest the company is running on Twitter. The KFC Colonel’s Scholars program, one of the most respected academic… Read More

Machine Aims to Read Internet, Gain Super-Intelligence, Take Over World?

Categories: Technology      10 Comments

From the confines of a basement laboratory in Pittsburgh, a powerful machine named NELL is slowly but surely getting smarter by reading internet-based content 24/7. The process is automated, so NELL can “read” at an astonishing pace. Over the course of millions and millions of documents, it is fine-tuning an incredible ability to detect and… Read More

e-Books: Wacky Ways to Make the Reading Experience Richer

Categories: Books,Technology      9 Comments

With the proliferation of eBooks and mobile reading devices, the act of sitting down and burying ourselves in a good book will never be quite the same again. But are we are being too serious when we weigh their pros and cons? eBook readers are growing in popularity and in most cases, you are able… Read More

Youtube Videos as an Unavoidable Obligation: A Study

Categories: Technology,TV/Film      5 Comments

Ever since the site that revolutionized tube video-sharing exploded onto the scene in 2005, both supporters and opponents have never been shy about voicing their opinions. The most significant issues to date include Youtube’s ambiguous policies over removing objectionable content and their seemingly lax regulations to deter users from posting copyrighted material. Today, however, a… Read More

Pop Culture Meets Academia in Unique Digital Library

Categories: Blogs/Websites,Technology      3 Comments

Pop Culture doesn’t always have a great reputation. It is often criticized for being superficial, trivial and even an insult to one’s intelligence. An organization that has a radically different opinion is the Greenwood Publishing Group with its digital library Pop Culture Universe. Tickle City Award has summarized author Steven Johnson’s argument about how modern… Read More

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