Well Played, Mauer Commercial Launches New Catchphrase

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MLB ’10: The Show is one video game with a very ticklish ad campaign.

In the commercial, 2009 AL MVP Joe Mauer calls up Kevin Butler, a Sony fictional character and the VP of the PS3 Softball Team, in order to congratulate him on the baseball game, which he describes as “just like the real thing.”

Butler responds with a simple “thanks chief,” and goes on to remark that the best part is that with the game’s extreme realism, people with no talent at all, “like you and me,” can still enjoy the thrill of playing in The Show.

Mauer, a three-time all-star selection, two-time gold glove winner, and three-time AL batting champion, is understandably confused.

Butler claims not to have heard of the Minnesota Twins catcher, even after Mauer reminds him that the two of them went fishing in Cabo together.

The turning point turns out to be a picture of them featuring a sombrero and speedo that Mauer produces.

When confronted with this evidence, Butler has little to do but utter his now famous line.

This commercial is undoubtedly tickle city!

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