Taco Bell Side Dishes Prove Problematic

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Taco Bell is easily the most ticklish subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM). The Mexican-style fast food chain never ceases to come up with exciting items like the Volcano menu and new Bacon cheesy potato burrito.

Taco Bell is one of the best for a cheap a-la-carte style meal. The “Why Pay More Value Menu” features a host of tasty items for under a dollar, from which a feast can easily be created.

A diner looking for a nice combination meal, however, often runs into problems. The chain has a delicious variety, but lacks a go-to side offering that completes the combos. Burger chains have it easy: fries, sometimes curly, even onion rings at times. But you can’t pair fries with a Burrito supreme or two Chalupas.

Taco Bell tries to sneak a taco in there and hopes no one notices. The Tickle City Award Committee simply can’t be convinced that a taco possibly counts as a side dish, or can function in such a role. Why can’t Taco Bell just copy Taco John’s potato oles and give them a new name? Or would that be too “West-Mex” and create authenticity problems for such a traditional establishment?

A solution could even be found on the existing Taco Bell menu. Nachos might not be a bad choice; they already come with the Grilled Steak or Chicken Burrito combo, in fact. Why not offer them with other combos? Countless diners that come up with their own “combos” using the value menu also regularly add nachos to their cheap burritos and tacos.

The sub-par “Mexican Rice” and “Pintos ’n Cheese,” found in some Big Box meals, should definitely be avoided. Same for the “Cinnamon Twists,” completely flavorless puffed corn.

Do you have any solutions?

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