Lebron’s Decision and the State of Cable TV

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A Sports Illustrated article reports that “The Decision,” Lebron’s ESPN prime-time special, was the third most watched cable program of the year with nearly 10 million viewers. After the program kicked off with a segment designed to prove the point that Lebron (right) is a skilled NBA player, sportscaster Jim Gray followed up by asking… Read More

Butch Cassidy – Origin of Bromantic Comedy

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In our current age of 24 hour a day sports coverage, free internet websites catering to gentlemen, and an overabundance of high-budget action movies, it’s not easy to remember the methods our forefathers used to get that testosterone surge they needed. Back in an age when duels, bar fights and gambling were typical strategies, the… Read More

Bud Light’s New Ad Campaign Heats Up with Avocado Commercial

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Bud Light has come up with a great new advertising campaign centering around the phrase “Here We Go,” which conveys the particular beer’s “unique ability to elevate good times with friends.” Anheuser Busch promotes responsible drinking; however, these recent Bud Light commercials seem to tiptoe the line by presenting hilarious activities that would never be… Read More

Well Played, Mauer Commercial Launches New Catchphrase

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MLB ’10: The Show is one video game with a very ticklish ad campaign. In the commercial, 2009 AL MVP Joe Mauer calls up Kevin Butler, a Sony fictional character and the VP of the PS3 Softball Team, in order to congratulate him on the baseball game, which he describes as “just like the real… Read More

Kenan and Kel Provides Chuckles, Ticklish Catchphrases

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Aww here it goes! Classic 90’s Nickelodeon at it’s finest. The show Kenan and Kel, originally a spin-off of All That, was granted due to the impressive chemistry displayed by actors Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell during recurring All That sketches such as Good Burger. Thomspon’s portrayal of nonsensical Frenchman Pierre Escargot in certian bathtub… Read More

King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond Crossovers

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The formula for King of Queens is simple, but effective. First, take overeating IPS delivery worker Doug Heffernan, his intimidating wife Carrie, and their suburban home in Queens. Now add eccentric, oddball, scheming Arthur (Jerry Stiller), Carrie’s father, who lives in their basement and stirs up quite a commotion. He frequently yells for no reason… Read More

Tilt: The Poker Drama

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In 2005 ESPN schemed up a new way to profit from the poker craze sweeping the nation by unveiling Tilt, the network’s second drama following Playmakers. It lasted just nine episodes, and was blasted by gamblers, poker enthusiasts, and anyone with a faint idea of how a casino operates for its unrealistic depictions of the… Read More

The Mail Room – Short Film

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Check out this short film directed by Paul Kramer and Jim Malewitz for the Titular Head film festival at Grinnell College. It won the special prize of “Best Feminist Critique,” and humorously incorporates the college’s president and other notable figures. In the words of Kramer, “the guys just wanted to dance.” Malewitz hinted at the… Read More

Pond Hockey Movie

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With bitter cold temperatures sweeping through the Midwest and snow gently falling, we are naturally turning our attention to one thing only: our ponds are freezing. With that comes the opportunity for pond hockey, a simpler and more skillful version of ice hockey played on frozen natural bodies of water. Some of us may fondly… Read More

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