Intrusive Online Ads – Can it Get Any Worse?

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Most people know that Google makes a bit of money off of advertising, but the truth is that these programs bring in a staggering figure of over $20 billion per year and represent about 99% of the company’s income (Wikipedia a and b). Who would’ve guessed fifteen years ago that little boxes shamelessly touting diet… Read More

Does the Internet Make Us Smarter? (Part 2)

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In his “pop culture makes you smarter” book Everything Bad Is Good For You, author Steven Johnson makes very compelling points about the benefits of TV, movies and video games. But does he convince us that the internet is also beneficial to our brains? You might think that Johnson has never viewed a youtube video… Read More

New Company Entrustet Aims to Protect Digital Assets

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Securing the safety of our digital assets, from sentimental diaries and photos to our league champion fantasy football team, is an emerging concern. “For decades legal wills and trusts have ensured that our most valuable possessions get distributed according to our wishes after we’re gone,” says Jesse Davis, a Madison, Wisconsin based online entrepreneur. “But… Read More

App Review: Doodle Jump Captivates, Addicts

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On a platform praised for its powerful web capabilities combined with innovative multitouch technology, who would have guessed that a four-legged creature jumping around would prove to be the app that most grips iPhone users. Doodle Jump is an iPhone game in which you control a character known as the Doodler (right) and must tilt… Read More

Squeezing an Education out of Free iPhone Apps

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With more and more iPhone apps being released every day, there’s great potential for innovative new ways to learn. But many users are unwilling to fork over $0.99-$4.99 for these educational tools and instead stick to the free or lite versions. Could this be creating a new breed of “cheap intellectual?” The Tickle City Award… Read More

Drink Recipes: How to Get them Through Rap Lyrics

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In today’s digital age we have a wealth of online sources to help us when we’re looking for a cocktail recipe. Sites like, and are enormous databases where you can search by name, category or ingredient and enjoy a lot of user-friendly features. These sites, however, take the attention away from a… Read More

Online Videos – An Answer to Information Overload?

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In today’s digital age characterized by an endless stream of information–on our RSS readers, facebook and twitter feeds, google searches and youtube–our reaction is decisive: screw reading if it’s more than two sentences. While this is a bit of an exaggeration, the new digital landscape does affect our cognition and it’s getting harder and harder… Read More

Beat The Swine ’09 iPhone Game

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There are already thousands of games available for the iPhone, with the number growing rapidly. So how does one identify a game worth playing among the masses? Some might suggest looking for innovative gameplay. Or cool graphics. Or a noble underlying mission. iPhone or iTouch users looking for something new would be well-advised to try… Read More

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