Taco Bell Side Dishes Prove Problematic

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Taco Bell is easily the most ticklish subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM). The Mexican-style fast food chain never ceases to come up with exciting items like the Volcano menu and new Bacon cheesy potato burrito. Taco Bell is one of the best for a cheap a-la-carte style meal. The “Why Pay More Value… Read More

New Mexican Restaurants from Austin, TX to Grinnell, IA

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People need their Mexican food fix, regardless of the authenticity, and while you would probably assume an individual in Texas would have a better chance than one from Iowa, Tickle City Award has discovered that a ticklish dining experience awaits just about anywhere. For those who wake up in the morning and have a craving… Read More

Ritz Bits Sandwiches with Cheese (& Smores, Pizza, Fudge and Other Flavors)

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Ritz crackers have always been associated with luxury and elegance, having adopted a name that assures eaters they are about to embark on a “ritzy” snack experience. Ever since 1801, when Massachusetts baker Josiah Bent burnt a batch of biscuits he had been baking, the “cracker” type of hard flat biscuit, so named due to… Read More

McDonald’s Monopoly Once Again Casts Spell Over Consumers

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It only comes around once a year. Masses of fast-food customers nationwide, as if in a trance, purchase very specific food and drink items in great quantities, although they aren’t interested at all in the taste. They have been captivated by the allure of McDonald’s Monopoly, the most ticklish sweepstakes advertising promotion ever created. Recently… Read More

Gummi Bears

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German company Haribo came up with the brilliant idea of a one-centimeter long gummi candy in the shape of a bear in 1922, and still leads gummi bear production today. Today the gummy bear often gets overshadowed by other snacks such as Peachie-O’s and Sour Brite Crawlers. While these other snacks are ticklish, Gummi bears… Read More

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