Pop Culture Meets Academia in Unique Digital Library

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Pop Culture doesn’t always have a great reputation. It is often criticized for being superficial, trivial and even an insult to one’s intelligence. An organization that has a radically different opinion is the Greenwood Publishing Group with its digital library Pop Culture Universe. Tickle City Award has summarized author Steven Johnson’s argument about how modern… Read More

Entertainment Writer’s Blog Digs Up “Mischief” on Current Hot Topics

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Media Mischief.com is a humorous look at the entertainment world, featuring clever articles on a variety of popular subjects. According to writer and webmaster Chris Koseluk, variety and exploration are a big part of the fun. “One of the things I love about the Internet is the sense of discovery,” he explains. “You never know… Read More

To South Africa and Beyond: The Trip of a Lifetime

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Next summer, three best friends from Middleton, Wisconsin will embark on a trip of a lifetime to celebrate their graduation and get ready to enter the next phase of their lives. Andrew Stephenson (center), Teddy Schleisman (right) and James Livesey (left) are heading to South Africa to catch the 2010 World Cup and then will… Read More

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