Art Project Hopes to Take Despair Out of Receiving a Parking Ticket

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Returning to your car and seeing a parking ticket is typically a very upsetting experience.

You might curse your rushed decision not to carefully read the meter. Or bemoan the impact the fine will have on your spending plans. Some might even plan a court protest against the mean-spirited officer who ruined their day.

But would receiving a ticklish piece of art alongside your ticket help balance out all the anger and depression? That’s just the idea behind the New York City-based Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project.

PTERP members roam the streets, locate unfortunate parking ticket recipients, and stealthily slip in a small card that’s just the right size to fit in the parking ticket envelopes used in New York City. On one side, there is a written explanation of the project and on the other is an original drawing or painting.

As the note explains, these small pieces of art are intended to “offset your feelings of anger, sadness or frustration with feelings of joy, connectedness and being taken care of.”

The project’s official website also reveals the organization’s bold plans for expansion:

PTERP will help restore emotional balance to New York, The World, The Universe.

A diverse group, ranging from artists to kids, create the art, and PTERP welcomes anyone with interest to join in. If you would like to create a piece of parking ticket artwork to help soften the blow for an unlucky city driver, you can email them at

Perhaps the next step will be gifting cheerful, friendly artwork to officers in the process of writing a ticket to discourage them from going through with it.

Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project, you are tickle city!

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