Excitement Reaches Fever Pitch As New Kindle Revealed to Have Ads

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The Kindle, Amazon’s portable ebook reader, already boasts an impressive list of features. It has built-in Wi-Fi, speedy wireless delivery of reading materials and a revolutionary e-ink technology that allows for clearer text and glare-free reading in direct sunlight. But it always felt as though something were missing; something that’s been crucial to the success of all major mobile devices.

Fortunately, consumers must wait no longer as it has been confirmed that the newest version of the Kindle will feature advertisements.

Masses of Kindle readers are rushing to pre-order, as they did not feel comfortable reading a substantive piece of content without the soothing feeling brought on by flashing banners, interstitial pages, or at the very least, contextual ads.

Some were rumored to regularly interrupt their Kindle reading by voluntarily looking at pictures of new products and services for several minutes in order to simulate the familiar experience. But now, at long last, they will be able to view advertisements directly on their Kindle.

Before you start criticizing Amazon’s move, however, there are a few big twists.

First, this new e-reader, referred to as the Kindle with Special Offers, comes at a nice discount, $114 instead of the standard $139.

And perhaps even more importantly, these advertisements are far from what we’re accustomed to seeing on websites and magazines. Instead of embedding the ads within the content of the books that the Kindle user reads, they are attached to the device itself. They will only be seen as screensavers or on the bottom of the launch screen, never entering the digital books and interrupting the reading experience.

As CNN Tech reports, this new model for advertising is a radical move, one that “could be the future” if this Kindle with Special Offers takes off.

Amazon is reportedly considering another Kindle with an even bigger discount, a $4 model that is made up exclusively of ads except for a single ebook that periodically appears on the screen for a few minutes.

New Kindle Ads, you are tickle city!

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