Documentary Film Tackles Belief in the Paranormal

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What would you do if the pizza delivery guy told you that the total on your bill had an occult significance, and then went on to explain to you that UFOs and alien abductions are real?

Would you make fun of him? Aggressively denounce his silly beliefs? Or take him on an epic journey across the country on a mission to show him the truth?

Although the third option may sound a bit extreme, it’s exactly what documentary filmmaker Blake Freeman did. After a pizza bill that read $88.88 prompted delivery man LeRoy Tessina, a lifelong believer of paranormal activity, to share some of his philosophy, Freeman knew he was sitting on a story that needed to be told.

According to Freeman, such beliefs are far from harmless, as psychics and other unscrupulous entrepreneurs in the alien niche routinely con believers such as Tessina out of big sums of money.

Tessina himself estimates to have spent over $100,000 in his lifetime on alien paraphernalia, personal therapy sessions and even a special helmet intended to stop extraterrestrials from stealing his thoughts.

“I started to think about how many people there were just like him out there; how many people had paid money to psychics and alien “experts” just to be taken advantage of. We decided to show LeRoy the truth by taking him on a little trip and documenting it,” Freeman says.

So the two set out on a cross-country trip to meet with some of these characters and grill them on their areas of “expertise.” The result is Gawd Bless America, a highly entertaining documentary film with the ultimate goal of uncovering the truth.

Among the antics: a hilarious prank on a crop circle “expert” and an interesting conversation with another alien authority where Freeman questions aliens’ motivation for anal probing large numbers of humans.

Check out the trailer below. According to Youtube, the film will hit theaters in June 2011.

Gawd Bless America, you are looking tickle city!

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