White Castle Unveils Hamburger Scented Candle

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Scented candles can really liven up a room with a variety of delightful fragrances. These range from fruits such as apple crisp with a hint of cinnamon to natural aromas including evergreen and herb garden.

For the masses of people dying for the fragrance of fast food cheeseburgers to fill their homes, the wait is over.

White Castle has just launched a scented candle that smells just like their classic hamburger, a fact representatives are claiming to be a good thing.

The nationwide fast food chain’s original mission was to improve the perception of the meat industry in the 1920s after Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle had been scaring many people off.

It soon became known for its small square burgers on a bed of shredded onions which later earned the nickname sliders. And today, their marketing strategy is a very interesting one. They aggressively market big boxes of 30 hamburgers to the Harold & Kumar-type crowd, but they also offer a candlelit meal for two complete with a server each Valentine’s Day. (Source holidash news)

You could take your date out for a romantic meal at White Castle in the evening, and then find yourself at the very same place later at night with your buddies after a long night out and polish off 10-15 burgers.

Now they’re even going a step further by bringing their unique brand of fast-food class elegance to your home with these new scented candles.

The candles come with a ceramic holder made to look like the cardboard packaging that the hamburgers come in. Earlier this year, White Castle offered up 10,000 of these candles at a National Hamburger Month event, and they quickly sold out.

Hamburger Scented Candles, you are tickle city!

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