Prestigious KFC Scholars Turn to Social Media

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Yum! Brands and its subsidiaries are continuing their domination of recent Tickle City Award headlines. After covering their brand new KFC Yum! Center basketball arena, the Tickle City Award Committee has now been notified about a ticklish contest the company is running on Twitter.

The KFC Colonel’s Scholars program, one of the most respected academic institutes in the United States, is offering a contest in which the high-school senior who posts the best tweet containing the hashtag #kfcscholar will win $20,000 towards a college education.

This is one of the latest examples of a major brand attempting to maneuver their way to some a piece of the viral social media pie. If users enjoy sharing content produced by their friends, why won’t it be the same for mega multinational corporations?

According to the contest guidelines, the judging criteria will be 40% creativity, 30% need and 30% drive, which shouldn’t be a problem at all with Twitter’s limits. Crafting a clever message, showing determination and also somehow demonstrating your family’s financial situation should only take about 100 characters, giving users an additional 40 to add a brief resume or a list of references.

With only a couple of days remaining before the November 26 deadline, the tweets are flowing in. Possible contest ideas include tweeting about how many double double sandwiches the students would eat while in college or their plans for a major research project on the layers of flavor in KFC’s Famous Bowls.

KFC Scholars Twitter contest, you are tickle city!

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