New Toy to Create Future Generation of Librarians?

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The future of libraries as we know them is up in the air in our increasingly digital world, and in many settings their identity is shifting from a physical collection of books to a virtual portal housing high-tech media.

Thanks to a new library kit toy, however, pretend libraries are looking stronger than ever.

Little Librarian, a toy created by a mother and daughter team from Madison, WI, lets children play librarian by giving them library cards, classic-style book pockets, bookmarks and more. They could also use the toy to supplement their allowance by slapping family members with exorbitant overdue fines for books checked out from their Little Library.

Kids who attempt to insert batteries or plug the kit into an electrical outlet will likely be shocked that it does not require power and may have to have this concept explained to them by a parent.

The supplies in the kit are meant to be combined with an existing collection of books, and using the toy will teach children valuable skills relating to organization, record-keeping, sharing, and creativity. It also contains a journal that chart reading progress and has awards to give out for their achievements.

The toy was named a finalist in Disney Family Fun Magazine’s Toy of the Year contest.

Little Librarian, you are tickle city!

(Also, for the record, real libraries aren’t going anywhere. The question is only how they will continue to re-invent themselves as we move forward. They’ve done a fantastic job so far!)

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