Groupon: A Lesson in Creative, Effective Copywriting

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Groupon, the deal-of-the day website called the fastest growing company ever by Forbes and valued at over $1 billion (Mashable), is likely on your radar today thanks to an extensive marketing campaign.

But in all the madness over the savings and deals, one detail tends to be left out: Groupon invests a LOT of resources into their writing and the company produces clever, amusing and persuasive copy for all their deal descriptions and pitches.

No wonder masses of people are flocking blindly to whatever location Groupon tells them to, from indoor go-kart tracks to helicopter lessons and even pole dancing class (recent deals).

More Witty Than Meets the Eye

The business model is simple and effective: the daily deal, often offering 50% off on products and services including food, drinks, entertainment and the arts, only goes into effect if enough people buy it. Something this basic naturally spawns a whole lot of clones, so what is creator Andrew Mason doing to set his business apart? For one, he’s using words as a weapon, and Groupon is blowing competitors off the map with far superior writing.

Mason has a staff of about 70 writers hired to craft the write-ups of the various businesses and deals. And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill staff writers churning out a high volume of hackneyed, uninspiring content. A listing on Groupon’s Job Openings website explains its mission in more detail:

Each day’s Groupon features a write-up describing the deal with thoroughly researched, informative selling points that range from the straightforward to the whimsical and bizarre. We strive to avoid marketing clich├ęs, shooting instead for vivid description rooted in complete transparency and embellished with well-crafted absurdities.

A Groupon subscriber might not realize that these advanced writing techniques are the reason he is now stuffing his face with Bratwurst sausage and beer, but the investment in quality descriptions certainly pays dividends.

Here’s an excerpt of a write-up from a few days ago:

Though coveting thy neighbor’s wife or underground sprinkler system is beyond the pale, longing for a mouthful of their cuisine is an understandable desire. Today’s Groupon satisfies desires to eat from the table of our nation’s neighbor: for $10, you get $20 worth of Mexican fare at Casa del Sol (Groupon).

If you are interested in learning how to write fresh, persuasive sales copy, studying some of Groupon’s deals on its website can be an excellent lesson.

Just don’t blame me if you end up as the proud owner of $50 of Lingerie, sleepwear and skincare products at a fine local business such as PillowTalk…

Groupon writing, you are tickle city!

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