Swagger Wagon – Can Rap Music Make Minivans Hip?

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The minivan usually conjures up thoughts of traditional suburban moms driving their kids to soccer practice. That dull image has recently been given a jolt of hip hop excitement.

Toyota has been running a very unique marketing campaign in which they present their latest minivan, the Sienna SE, as “The Swagger Wagon” and feature a mom and dad rapping over a professionally produced beat. The commercial manages to be hilarious and almost too painful to watch at the same time. Check out some of the lyrics as well as the video itself:

“Straight ownin’ bake sales with my cupcake skills, I’m better with the money so I handle the bills.”

“I love hangin’ with my daughter, havin’ tea, keep my pinkie up.”

While it definitely gives us a cheap laugh, this campaign was implemented for a reason.

According to a Forbes.com article, the minivan is attempting to reach out to the hip-hop demographic because of plummeting minivan popularity. Sales have been horrible in the last few years as many people have turned to up-and-coming crossover vehicles.

Other major automakers have abandoned minivans, but Toyota seems to believe that rap lines such as “we rock the SE not a SUV, and it’s true if I were you I’d be jealous of me, in my swagger wagon!” will be enough to spark a radical turn-around.

How will people react to this bold campaign? If the Youtube video comments are any indication, then the market currently features divergent opinion. The most recent comments range from “lol the best video ever” to “so reh-tarded,” indicating a divided consumer base. We will have to wait to see the effects of these Youtube comments on the major auto-related economic indicators.

What do you all think? Are we about to see popular rappers cruising around in the new Sienna SE?

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