Top 5 Tickle City World Cup Moments

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The FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa has come to an end. Which moments were especially tickle city?

5. Notorious Dutch kickboxer Nigel de Jong pretends to be a soccer player and sneaks onto the field during the World Cup final, proceeding to crush the ribcage of Spain’s Xabi Alonso with a brutal kick.

4. In a game vs. South Korea, Nigerian forward Yakubu decides against the cliched practice of shooting into the goal when facing a wide open net and instead aims at a small water bottle on the side of the goal. The star striker hits his target perfectly.

3. The laws of physics are challenged when incredibly slight amounts of force applied by opponents prove to be enough to send strong professional athletes hurtling through the air. This startling phenomenon was observed in virtually every match. FIFA’s top physicists are investigating the matter, which for some reason is being referred to as “diving.”

2. Despite their best efforts, FIFA referees fail to ruin everything in the entire tournament.

1. New Zealand claim top honors at the World Cup as the only undefeated team at the conclusion of the tournament (they drew all three of their group stage matches). Congratulations Kiwis!

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