App Review: Doodle Jump Captivates, Addicts

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doodle-jumpOn a platform praised for its powerful web capabilities combined with innovative multitouch technology, who would have guessed that a four-legged creature jumping around would prove to be the app that most grips iPhone users.

Doodle Jump is an iPhone game in which you control a character known as the Doodler (right) and must tilt the screen to navigate him upward through a never-ending series of small platforms. There are several things to avoid, including monsters, black holes and trick platforms that crumble or explode. You can also gain a significant boost by jumping on power ups that include a propeller hat and a jetpack.

After intending to play Doodle Jump just one or two games, the Tickle City Award Committee recently cracked the 26,000 point threshold on its 25th consecutive game. You too will most likely find the game almost impossible to put down once you get going.

Don’t get too cocky about your big score, though, because the world record is 4,196,867. The game does give the option to brag to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

There are also a few cheats and tricks that can add to the experience. You might not know that you can scroll through the very bottom bar on the main menu to play in different environments including a winter wonderland and outer space. (The outer space level even includes a special rocket launcher jetpack that gives you a huge boost.)

Finally, if you enter your name as “Bunny” you will play dressed as the Easter Bunny.

Doodle Jump, you are tickle city!

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