Bone Thugs + Fleetwood Mac?

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Hip-hop group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s reunion album Strength & Loyalty featured a lot of big names: Akon, The Game, Mariah Carey, Twista and more. Fans might not immediately realize that the most ticklish song of them all features rock legends Fleetwood Mac.

The track Wind Blow samples “The Chain,” one of Fleetwood Mac’s best, and it’s no ordinary, lazy sample. Instead, significant portions of the song are adapted to suit the rap outfit’s own unique style.

It starts with the original opening guitar tune and sampled lyrics before Layzie Bone takes over with a verse. The chorus is Fleetwood Mac’s own, complete with the signature line “never break the chain,” over the Bone Thugs beat. Later on, the song breaks down a bit to Krayzie Bone’s characteristic singing and the famous Fleetwood Mac bass progression from the final section comes in. After building back up, a guitar solo provides the song’s climax.

It’s an extremely creative effort, and one that music fans not normally interested in rap would likely appreciate.

Hopefully Bone Thugs-n-Harmony won’t devastate their home town of Cleveland by relocating to Miami to record the remainder of their albums…

Bone Thugs and Fleetwood Mac, you are tickle city!

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