Rhythm and Booms Offers Fireworks, Plenty of Excitement

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The skies of Madison, WI lit up this past Saturday accompanied by music from the film Avatar, Michael Jackson and more, all in the spirit of “screw you Britain.”

Independence Day fireworks displays are a dime a dozen, but Madison’s own Rhythm and Booms celebration is truly one of a kind. Over 15,000 fireworks are choreographed to music broadcast over a local Madison radio station. Warner Park on the city’s north side is the venue, and a full day of activities include a carnival, live music and a Madison Mallards baseball game. In addition, a US Army parachute team dropped down into the park from over 12,000 feet.

The celebration is non-profit and made possible by volunteer work, generous donations and corporate sponsorships. All vending profits are given to local charities. Based on observations of incredible Wisconsinite appetites and boisterousness in the crowd, the Tickle City Award Committee estimates that enough hot dogs and beers were consumed this year to raise several million dollars.

The event’s official website proclaims its status as the supreme display in the Midwest and that it “easily surpasses” any competitors in Chicago, the Twin Cities and Milwaukee. After attending, the Tickle City Award Committee wholeheartedly agrees.

Rhythm and Booms, you are tickle city!

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