Drink Recipes: How to Get them Through Rap Lyrics

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In today’s digital age we have a wealth of online sources to help us when we’re looking for a cocktail recipe. Sites like drinksmixer.com, webtender.com and drinkswap.com are enormous databases where you can search by name, category or ingredient and enjoy a lot of user-friendly features.

These sites, however, take the attention away from a much better method: listening to the lyrics of rap songs. Why type in ingredients or search through pages and pages of results when Juicy J (right) of Three 6 Mafia will simply tell you

“I’m drinkin’ on some fruit punch. That’s Belvedere Vodka and cranberry juice.”

Or why spend the time and effort when you have 2Pac to inform you of innovative new concoctions, even taking care to include precise mixing instructions:

“Alright, new drink. One part alize one part cristal. Thug Passion baby.”

Here’s a few more good ones:

  • “151 rum, pineapple juice, and malibu, caribou, get them all numb…” Tech N9ne Caribou Lou
  • “I drink what man made. Hennessy with lemon juice and some purple gatorade.” C-Murder Gangstafied Lyrics
  • “Yo Bus’. I think I got the answer. To all my problems. Belvedere and Banana Snapple.” The Game Doctor’s Advocate

If you’re not much for rap, you can try this method with other genres. Be careful, however, if you decide choose the Shane MacGowan song That Woman’s Got Me Drinking, as it could get you into some trouble:

“Gimme one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten bottles of gin.”

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