New Extreme Snacks Tickle Taste Buds

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Recently, it seems that “EXTREMENESS” has overtaken taste to become the primary criteria to determine the most ticklish snack foods.

Doritos claims to “take snacking to a higher level,” and has unveiled special “Extreme” flavors such as Bold BBQ as well as various “Collisions” which feature two extreme flavors in one bag. These include Hot Wings/Blue Cheese, Zesty Taco/Chipotle Ranch and Habanero/Guacamole.

Other extreme flavors include Late Night Tacos at Midnight and Last Call Jalapeno Popper. The logic behind these two has to be that by that time of night, extreme snackers would be far too drunk to taste the chips.

They have also come up with some extreme advertising campaigns, including beaming an ad for Doritos chips towards a star in the Ursa Major constellation 42 light years away. They represent the first company to reach out to the coveted alien demographic.

But Pringles has responded with its own line of extreme snacks, as described on

Pringles┬« Extreme Flavors aren’t for the faint of heart. Brave one bite, and you’ll be hooked on the aggressive taste that just won’t quit.

These flavors include Screamin’ Dill Pickle, which boasts a flavor that “doesn’t just scream, it bites back.” Also, the Blastin Buffalo Wing variety “is as fiery at it is fierce. One bite of the explosive taste, and you’ll go out in a blaze of glory.”

Are there any other extreme snacks that you consider to be tickle city?

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