Akon Gives Old Hit “Strawberry Letter 22″ Fresh Sound

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Back in 2008, the Tickle City Award Committee posted about an extremely ticklish funk song by the Brothers Johnson called Strawberry Letter 22.

The post must have made an impression on the music industry, because Strawberry Letter 22 has just been given a hot R&B remix featuring Akon. It’s certainly a different interpretation than the classic funk versions (the song was written by the soulful Shuggie Otis before finding more success with the Brothers Johnson), and this has lead to initial disapproval by some fans.

However, the song is actually part of a new project by Quincy Jones, the famous composer-trumpeter-producer. Jones happens to be the very same man who produced the Brothers Johnson version and made it a hit in the first place.

Akon’s voice is a nice complement to the light and fluttery notes and he does a good job with the chorus; it’ll be hard to get out of your head.

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