World’s Wackiest Spanish Joke Book

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You know you’re in good shape when a book promising a healthy dose of Spanish language puns features a picture of a Mexican donkey dressed in a black suit identifying himself as a “Federal Burro of Investigation” on the cover.

The World’s Wackiest Spanish Joke Book is a recent work by foreign language teacher Sue Fenton. Its 500 puns provide a fun, innovative way to learn Spanish vocabulary, that is, if you’re able to refrain from ripping the book to shreds after reading a couple of them.

Here’s a few that particularly appealed to the Tickle City Award Committee. Note how Fenton seems to hold a rather high opinion of the cognitive and linguistic capacity of different animals:

What book do Spanish foxes consult to look up synonyms?
a thes-zorros (zorro = fox)

Why does the Mexican tiger politician have a good reputation among voters?
It has a lot of in-tigre-ty

What school do South American spotted cats attend to learn magic?
Jaguarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

What NFL team is made up of animals from Peru?
The Green Bay Alpacas (alpaca = a member of the camel family)

Animals are only the beginning, as Felton tackles fashion, household items, art and many other subjects. There’s also culture notes and drawings thrown in, and you may groan or launch an eruption of expletives, but you’ll probably learn some vocabulary while you’re at it.

Fenton, Susan. The World’s Wackiest Spanish Joke Book: 500 Puns Guaranteed to Take You Across the Rio Groan-De!New York: McGraw-Hill, 2006. Print.

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