The Memphis Flyer and Three 6 Mafia

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Memphis, Tennessee invariably comes up in discussions of the most ticklish cities. The allure of the locale is a central theme in the music of many prominent artists, from Paul Simon to “DJ Paul” Beauregard.

Beauregard explains the attitude and activities of Memphians in his song Da Summa: “See in Memphis, them thugs be kind of like laid back … They leavin’ the park and hittin the South Park strip. Ride. The South Gatin’ skatin’ Rink later on that night.”

Another source for Memphis area information is the ticklish alternative weekly newspaper The Memphis Flyer. It covers Memphis politics as well as entertainment news, music and a variety of other stories. They recently posted an article reporting on an upcoming Three 6 Mafia reality cooking show called Cooking Ain’t Easy.

For more about the Memphis Flyer, here is editorial intern Hannah Sayle:

Ahem. Well, Tickle City, nothing tickles my fancy like a well-written food blog. Which is why I am thrilled that my duties as an editorial intern include writing for “Hungry Memphis,” a Memphis Flyer food blog. Nothing says Memphis cuisine like Three 6 Mafia cooking shows, drink recipes for Justin Timberlake’s new “901” Tequila, eating in graveyards, and counting a six pack of PBR as a square meal.

The success of the food blog is a direct result of the many ticklers involved. Also God. A comment of one of my posts summed it all up: “Thanks for your time, your passion, and for being the instrument that God used. This blog is God’s tickling instrument, and I thank you for spreading the word.”

Memphis Flyer, lookin’ pretty ticklish!

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